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Coffee Break

5 best surf spots in Popoyo -Nicaragua


Cafe Con Leche is located on the Pacific coast, on the Popoyo beach, slap bang in between 5 very well known surf breaks, making it one of the best place to surf in Nicaragua. With year round off shore winds as a result of Lake Nicaragua & some pretty heavy swell being pumped up from the southern Hemisphere, this spot is pretty hard to beat for constant, perfect surfing conditions. Perfect surf spot for beginner, intermediate and pro surfers. We offer surf lessons for beginners. 

No one likes to fight for their waves and although there are some breaks you will be sharing with local talent and tourists alike, when staying at Cafe con Leche you're spoiled with choice when it comes to picking your perfect wave. 

Surf break 1 : Popoyo

Popoyo, Popoyo, Popoyo..... Everybody wants to surf this famous wave. Half reef & half sand break, Popoyo break is situated on Playa Sardinas, about a 15 minutes walk away. 

The predictable peaks, peel off, pace & power makes this wave very popular with our incredibly talented Nica rippers. Home to the ISA surf competition 2015, this wave is now even more alluring.  Better at low incoming tide, this lefty can hold a peak up to double overhead. However, if this just doesn't cut the mustard, then why not paddle out another 20 minutes & meet Popoyo's big brother... outer reef!

Surf break 2 : Coffee break

Roll out of bed & have your first revitalizing Coffee Break of the day! Named - Coffee Break - as it's right in front of Cafe con Leche, this beach break is a fun right hander, works best at mid to high tide & back down again (high to mid tide.) Occasionally there may be a sneaky left there too, but beware of the rock.

Surf break 3 : Beginner's bay

Beginners Bay is a people pleaser. Whether enjoying your first ride on a foam board, improving your shredding technique, tip-toeing to the edge or enjoying a sweet sunset surf, this Bay offers it all & only 3 minutes away from your hammock at Cafe con Leche. 


The best time to head to The Bay & enjoy the beautifully breaking wave is mid to high tide & high to mid tide. Just beware of the rocks at low tide, they bite!

Surf break 4 : Outer reef

That grumble you hear isn't your hungry travel buddy... It's the booming roar of Popoyo's Outer Reef, crashing against its rocky bottom.

400 metres off shore, an approximate 8 foot swell is what gets this baby cracking, holding walls of water anything up to 25 ft. Long story short, this wave is big, powerful & certainly not a wave to play pollo with!!

Surf break 5 : Playa Santana

Wanna get 'so pitted?' Head 25 minutes South for an exhilirating ride. The barreling beauty, Santana, breaks most days throughout the year, making it one of the most favoured spots in the area. High tide, sun set surfs, are the perfect moment to go.

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Whether you're a hang ten hero, a serious shredder, or perhaps you're trying surfing for the first time, there is a break for you, ALL within walking distance...


Talk to Marc & Manuel (both pretty talented surfers themselves....!) They'd be happy to share their local knowledge, book any lessons you might require, plan a boat trip to spots not reachable by foot and point you in the right direction for board hire. If they're not busy with other guests they may even head out there with you a thing or two!

For any surf photography services we have our local talent that can snap your best angles with Elisabeth 

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